Monday, 12 April 2021

I used to dread wash days.

It would take me hours to gather up the mental and physical strength it would take to de tangle, wash, dry and moisturise it.

Over the years, I have been very lazy.  I would spend alot of the time I was supposed to be washing my hair, looking at hair products that are supposedly meant to make this whole process easy for afro haired girls like us. But it was too expensive or simply not accessible for someone who lives in a relatively small city, in a majority white town with £0.05 in my bank account.

So in my infinite wisdom, I have decided to write down how I go through wash day on a budget. I have put a list below of all the products and tools I have used and also I have a link to my youtube channel if you want to give us a follow. 

Just thought I might as well give it a try.

Anyway, Here it is

This step is very important to me because detangling hair when dry is painful, difficult and frustrating  and it makes me want to cry. Detangling wet hair makes it easier for the hair strands to break. Using the Garnier hair mask helps moisturise and detangle the hair. It also helps wet the hair faster when washing.


Apply the hair mask to your hair and massage it in. Make sure that the products also gets into the roots. Use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to comb through and gently detangle your hair.

Wash the conditioner out of your hair

Wet it with water, it should get wet faster due to the garnier conditioner

Then shampoo and condition your hair as you usually do.

Pat  your hair dry with a microfiber towel.

Use the Garnier hair mask again to moisturize your hair. Separate your hair into  manageable sections and twist them. The twists help to prevent the shrinkage that comes after wetting the hair. If you want to keep your hair shorter then feel free to not do the twists.

Wrap a microfibre towel around your hair and towel dry and let your hair rest.

The Aftermath.

After dying I take out the twists and use wax based formulations. They do not contain water so they  keep the hair soft without the shrinkage that comes with it.

NB: This is a personal routine, feel free to adapt it to your capabilities, schedule,  Budget


Monday, 7 January 2019

About a year ago, I made some resolutions that I wanted to finish by 2018

My first resolution of 2018 was to learn a new language.

So this started out well but I started treating it like my regular work and my enthusiasm just dwindled down.
I plan to restart my french lessons this year and hopefully put them to a test this summer!

The second resolution was photography.

After the lessons finished, it was hard to get the motivation to go out and practice. Sometimes I get spells of wanting to pursue photography. I'm not sure if my photography has improved at all but I did get better at the technical side of it.

Work out.


Ok, this one was by far my worst resolution. I honestly hate, HATE working out but this was to be expected. I do live further out from uni so that's 30 mins of speed walking every morning so I guess that is something.

 What I learned about myself in 2018  was that I keep at my goals as long as I am held accountable by teachers or deadlines. Moving forward in 2019, I need to learn how to hold my self up and hold myself accountable. To have independence and self-discipline.
Overall, I achieved most of my goals for 2018. Ok fair play, I only had three and I tried two of them and gave up both of them very quickly but I hope it gets better next year.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

One of my earliest memories as a little kid was remembering hat the kindergarten teacher had told me earlier that week on Sunday. She said that God is watching you. No matter what you do.Wherever you are.You can not hide from him.
I wanted to test that theory so I hid under the covers of my aunties bed in hope that God couldn't see me. I don't know how that was supposed to test if God could see me as there as no way of my communicating with him but I was about 4-5 years old, I had not thought it through.

The thing was, I took it as a threat at that age. As I grew older, the saying had become more of a comforting thought. Especially at night. My mind somehow created monsters from awkward shapes and shadows in the dark. Despite me sharing a bedroom with my siblings, I felt like it was me vs the monsters who will surely steal me from my family never to be seen again. That was until I remember that God is watching everyone at any time. That thought and the probably 10th glow in the dark rosary my parents bought me (I kept loosing and breaking them), is what made me feel relatively safe at night.

Then I moved to a different country where their attitudes and views on God were very different to Uganda. So I abandoned almost all my beliefs in God. Even before we learnt about Charles Darwin. I started to question how and an all-knowing being let terrible things happen and how he cares for everyone, even sinners like murderers and rapists and my high school bullies. If God truly cared then he wouldn't let this thing happen.

I still went to church mainly because it was expected of me to go until I was sixteen. That was when I got to decide whether I wanted to go. I just stopped going altogether apart from special occasions and for my confirmation.

Then I went through a couple of tough things in my life and I honestly felt like I wasn't going anywhere. Out of nowhere, I seem to have got a second chance. And I really was not expecting that.
So my thoughts on the existence of God shifted again because I honestly don't know how else it happened.
When I look back in my life, and how lucky I am, my belief in God strengthens. But when it comes to actually practising my religion; going to mass, studying the Bible and praying regularly that's when my devotion to my faith wavers. I don't even wear my rosary anymore.

I think that I am scared to believe something that I have no physical proof for, outside my mind. The only 'proof 'is the Bible.
The Bible says God is real.
 But the Bible was also written by humans.
 And those humans at that point it time put in a lot of sexist and homophobic shi- sugar in there and said that 'God said this and that' and so we must follow these set of rules or hellfire for the rest of your existence.

 But I also don't like the idea that there is no God.
That there is no superior being who is looking out for all of us.
 That everything that happens to us is by chance and there's no rhyme or reason.
That what we do counts for nothing, there is no hell, no heaven and I won't reunite with people I love the most.
That when my heart stops beating, that's it.
I'm gone. I cease to exist.
Everything that I have done on earth is pointless and amounts to nothing.

How you choose to practice your spirituality is very personal. At the end of the day, it all doesn't matter. What matters is your time on earth and how you choose to spend it. Even if there isn't an afterlife or reward. We should all strive to be the best version of ourselves.
Love Rose
Sunday, 14 January 2018

It's now two weeks into the new year and I am still riding that new year new me train and I suspect I'm gonna get off it pretty soon.

But on a serious note, Some times my new year's resolutions have made me a better person for it. I think what I'm gonna do differently this year is set a new month resolution for each month and hopefully carry on these habits to help me improve my self.

So these are this month's resolutions.

My first one is to improve my photography. and I have just joined an online photography class and I hope to be taking my own photos on this blog soon.

Learning a language. I chose to take  French classes at university because I tried using duolingo, its a great app, its free but that also made it very easy to quit its because I had nothing at stake but I paid £23 for the French course and attendance is compulsory so if I do not turn up I will be kicked out of the course and my place will be given to someone else.

Start working out. This is actually the only goal that I haven't started working on yet. I need to join a gym to do that and I just haven't done that yet. I used to use the Nike training app which I highly recommend for all of y'all who don't want to go outside in the middle of winter. The only reason it didn't work for me is that the space that I use to work out is the same space I eat, slept, and work and that didn't make me feel good at all.

Anyway, thats me. What about you?
Whats are your resolutiond=s and what are you doing to make them happen?
Love Rose
Friday, 5 January 2018

Christmas time has a very special place in my heart. As I am sure it does to many of you reading this blog post.
My reasons for that may, however, differ from person to person.
For example, it's the anniversary of me coming over to the UK. And that means that for the first time, I was united with my family and we got to live together as a family with my Dad who had moved here several years prior.It was also the first time that I had experienced cold. Actual Cold. And I did like it for like 5 minutes because it was a fascinating experience but after I lost sensations in my fingers, I had had just about enough and I was ready to go back to Uganda and comeback for the summer.

It's also a holiday and it helps me deal with the miserable weather.

Presents. Seeing the joy on my families faces when they open their presents just warms up my heart.Also, not gonna lie, receiving presents doesn't feel too bad actually

Food. The food. Every year we try out something new to eat. Sometimes its so good that we put it on the menu for the next year and sometimes we just all agree never to speak of it ever again. Ahem. Brussell sprouts.

What about you?
What are your most important aspects of Christmas to you?
Comment below!
Love Rose
Monday, 11 December 2017

So of course you know it's been snowing,
Everyone knows it's been snowing
My Instagram feed is filled with snow pics and I'm not mad at all!
I have been waiting five years for this moment. So I'm gonna make it last forever #westlife4life

So here are my pictures of some parts of my campus during the snow!

Ok, I hope you've enjoyed the pics!
I really need t get my self a proper camera and improve my photography but1 its a start! If any of yall have any tips on taking photos, please comment! I need all the help I can get

Saturday, 9 December 2017

It's that time of the month where we all start panicking about presents. So I decided to compile a list that will be super helpful for those of us who do not know where to start.

I love this shop because it has EVERYthing. From gifts to cards to wrapping paper. I love going here especially for last minute shopping because I know that the quality and style is on point.
 Gift Style: Feminine personality, Friends and Mutuals

This is great for little gifts and gadgets for really cheap prices. So I recommend going here for Stocking Fillers or secret Santa
Gift Style: Everyone

Its the best online shop for the fashion obsessed friends and family.
Gift Style: Youngers (Nieces, nephews, children who are 14+), Significant Other (Someone you know really well, like you know their sizes)

Your local Charity shop.
Well, first you're giving back. Secondly, It's the cheapest way to get books. Yes they could smell a bit funny but its nothing a bit of perfume/cologne won't fix
Gift style: Bookworms.

I hope you find this helpful!
Comment below if you've got any more ideas
Love, Rose

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